Monday, April 30, 2012

Lesson 108: How to draw fashion... and give your husband a laugh

Friday I planned out my next sewing project. Searching through my patterns I found a simple dress with a full skirt that has yet to be constructed. Having already completed a full skirt dress I decided to be oh so inventive. I would combine the bodice from this dress with a pencil skirt pattern I also have in my possession.

Tyler and I were IMing each other throughout the morning. After several attempts to explain what I was envisioning with this idea I decided to draw what the finished product would look like....

The verdict from my loving husband was that the finished result looks like an apron. I then told him I would draw a person wearing the dress to show him a little better what was going on here...

She is a fashionista.
I just don't think Tyler was fully grasping my genius. Sunday afternoon was spent beginning the construction and here is what I have so far. There is a side invisible zipper, a couple darts in the bodice and darts at the top of the skirt. All that is left is to line the bodice and hem. This was my first experience playing with patterns. It was awesome! I felt like such a seamstress.

Here is Rubert my little pugtito.
For the first half of sewing the bodice she hung out on my lap trying to take a nap.

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