Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lesson 95: The next sewing challenge and the dogs

Moving on to my next sewing project hooray :) and yes I realize that I have yet to post pictures of the finished product for both my dress and my jacket. While trying to not sound completely lame, I am kind of self-conscious right now so I will get to the pics ASAP.

This is the second pattern I bought at the Puyallup Sewing Expo. I love the suit coat and have wanted one for sometime. As I pull jackets off the rack in Nordstrom, Tyler's response is always, what will you wear that with Whitney? (curses he knows my style all too well) I would like to take my wardrobe to a more professional level for my job though. With spring and summer on the horizon the short sleeves will be great for work. You can't see from these pictures but the skirt also has a cool back ruffle panel. I am feeling more corporate already... for my job as a secretary.
Here are our one trick ponies.....

Max's ballet stance

Ruby snatched a scrap of fleece from my fabric bucket so I tied it to her collar as a bow

Oh my heavens.... I also had to share this gem I just found on the Simplicity website. Better hurry, this pattern is in the "out of print" section".

I would love to poke fun at the very idea of this much crazy coordination, but sadly (and Tyler will enthusiastically agree) I could completely see myself making matching furry coats for me, my daughter, and my little dog. Please note the little girl also has a matching furry backpack. Why, yes these pattern are all included in the package. :) Happy Thursday everyone!

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