Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Daycare updates, new stake presidency

Tyler and I have been busy working to get the main level of our house licensed to do daycare. I am already licensed for the downstairs but it became painfully apparent that the downstairs gets very small after 12 hours down there. Luckily it has been sunny outside so the kids can run around in the backyard.

My parents came over last weekend and helped Tyler change out all the outlets to be tamper resistant, install a lowered handrail, and some other stuff.

I was at an all day daycare training course. It was really intimidating. Everyone had to introduce themselves and say where they worked. Most of the other people worked at daycare centers and had been doing that for quite a while. The other people who said they work at in-home daycare said they had been doing it for 10, 30, 41 years!!! (We were not asked to say how long we had been working but people like to brag). When my turn came I said I work at an in-home daycare and have not been doing it very long. The instructor asked how long.... oh about 3 months... It was a good class though, very informative.

Now I am just waiting for the licenser to come by sometime and hopefully pass off the main level.

We just had stake conference this past weekend and we got a new stake presidency. I don't know any of the men that were called. Ted did great. He was able to make it through 2 1/2 hours without having to leave the chapel once. There was one time where we came close but luckily Tyler thought to bring cheesey Chex mix which held us out for the final 30 minutes.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ted pics

Ted watching Veggie Tales from across the room. 
Enjoying the last of the summer sun.  
Eating an Eggo.  
Grandma Mann bought Ted a lamby pillow to go with his other lamby toy. He was carrying it all over the house. 

Riding in the wagon with green bear from aunt Miranda.  

Ted does not need a nap

According to Ted he did not need a nap today... After nap time was over at daycare I was reading a book with one of the other kids. Ted was not pleased... this video is a result. I do not show it to embarrass him, I show it because it is so ridiculously adorable :)