Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lesson 195: One Happy Baby

Ted is now 3 months old. It feels like this is some sort of milestone. I think the reason is because his clothes are all "3 months" size so now he is officially the actual age of his clothes. I reminds me of when I used to get Seventeen magazine. I started my subscription at age 14... by the time I was 17 I no longer cared for the magazine... interesting.

Most people will list off all the things their child can do at each age. I don't really read these lists because they are kind of boring... sorry...

I will just sum up Ted... in a nutshell he is awesome and a super easy baby!!! Just as I typed that, I am reminded of Fiddler on the Roof when Tzitel (sp?) comments to her mother about how her son is so good and hardly ever cries. To this the mother hushes her up saying,"Do you want to invite evil spirits?" So maybe I will just say Heavenly Father has certainly blessed us with baby Ted. Sometimes I almost feel like we are being tricked... we are lulled into a false sense of security and we think, "Hey let's have another kid. Kids are easy!" and kid number 2 will be a terror... hmm...

Happy baby in a sleep sack. 

Tummy time quickly turned into nap time. That lazy ol' baby.  
The pug with 9 nine lives... we had an incident this past week involving a crazy pug that scratched baby. (COMPLETELY by accident but still bad). At the time I was ready to kick pug to the curb, but Ruby must have known she was on thin ice because the next few days she was so much more obedient, calm, and respectful. She did not chew up the toilet paper roll at all!  

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lesson 194: Caspar Babypants and an Ice Cream Festival

The big concert weekend! I have been wanting to see Caspar Babypants all summer and we were finally able to go to one of his shows :) He is a children's singer and Ted and I listen to his music everyday. We went up to the Snoqualmie Ice Cream Festival with my mom, Elspeth and Tyler.
My mom and Ted waiting for the concert to start.
Tyler and Ted. The girl behind them was the opening act while people gathered to their seats. (AKA spot sitting on the ground)  
Caspar Babypants himself. You may recognize him as the former lead singer for The Presidents of the United States. He was pretty awesome than and he is pretty awesome now!
Ted and I enjoying the concert.... I think he liked it more than this picture shows...  
Elspeth and Ted listening to the concert. We starting sitting on the ground but decided to stand off to the side after a while.  
Ted was super tired after the concert was over. This was probably because we danced the entire time... Yes, I use my baby to not look like a creepy adult who listens to children's music.  
The festival also had animals to pet. These alpacas are so soft and fluffy.  
On the car ride home Ted woke up and was making funny faces with daddy.  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lesson 193: The fac that my camera takes better pics than my phone does not compensate for my ineptitude...

Here are some random pictures from my camera. I mentioned in a past post that the reason the pics did not look so great was because they were taken with my phone.... well these are from my camera and I think they are probably only slightly better... oh well :)
Ted as a dog :)
Ruby also as a dog 
Ted in his outfit for a wedding we went to... the hat did not last.  
Ty and Ted :)  
Ty, Ted and Me  
Sock hands  
Day one with cloth diapers... he was crying for an unrelated reason.... 
Tuxedo Jo and Ruby 
Tuxedo Jo and Lion  
Watching daddy play video games... this was only for the picture... I do not actually let my 2 month old sit around watching video games...  
Of course he had to wear head phones too :)  
Tummy time on his blankie from great-grandma 
Ruby totally photo bombed this picture hahaha 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lesson 192: Just called him Bond... Ted Bond

Aunt Elspeth gave Ted this cute onesie that looks like a tuxedo. I have better picture from an actual camera. My phone is lame in the picture department. Meh, what are ya gonna do? 
Ted loves his lion toy. It is pretty much the ultimate toy: stuffed animal, rattle, blanket. 
Carolyn sent this for Ted. Thank you Carolyn :)  
Just a picture of Ted  
Also this weekend I made Teddie Grahams in a Bubble Bath. I got the idea from Miranda, who got the idea from (who else) Pinterest. They are really good, super easy, and make the person who made them look like they are creative and clever.  

Monday, August 12, 2013

Lesson 191: Soy un bebe que esta amamantando!

 Tyler and I went to a baby expo last week. We got a free picture with Ted, a tote bag, some other free stuff and this adorable t-shirt. They ran out of English ones so we took one in Spanish. It means, "I'm a breast fed baby." :)

Lesson 190: Down with the binkie bwa ha ha!!!!

I do not like pacifiers. I think they are gross. It is totally fine for other people to use them, but I always hoped to avoid them with my baby. Of course, when you have a child you have to go with what they need and for a short while it seemed that I was losing the binkie battle. We introduced a binkie to Ted and he accepted it. BUT then he discovered his hand :) It took a while, but he has perfected the art of thumb sucking and is was like, "binkie who?" You go Ted! 

Such a happy baby :) 

Lesson 189: Sleep when you can

The most common advice I get concerning motherhood is "sleep when you can." I think Ruby took this advice to heart. Being a pug is very exhausting. More than once she has fallen asleep in the middle of licking herself. Yes, she is asleep in this picture.