Friday, January 31, 2014

Lesson 222: Fill up on the good stuff

I have been on a mission lately to make sure what I watch and listen to is good and uplifting. On the drive to and from work I play the Mormon Channel radio station on my phone. Since I have music playing all day while I am at work I enjoy getting to listen to something other than music. It has a ton of great stories, interesting talks and historical information. I especially love the short commercial breaks with their "Family, isn't it about time?" dialogues. 

While Ted and I eat breakfast I like to put on the Mormon messages videos. It is a nice way to start the day. I have to be careful though because some of those videos are real tear jerkers, and in the morning I am a lot more tired and emotional hahaha. 

Since I started this I have noticed it gets easier to remember to do other things. I remember to say my prayers and read my scriptures a little more often than before. 

It reminded me of a conversation I had with my friend Jenae a while ago. I was lamenting how hard it is to diet and eat healthy with all this junk food around the house. Jenae suggested that when she wants to eat healthy instead of just throwing out all the stuff in her house she instead stocks up on healthy food. That way you have more opportunity to reach for the good stuff. 

By filling up on "healthy" media my mind is more inclined to only want more healthy things in it. And instead of using my time to stress about all the bad media out there. I can spend my time seeking out good things. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lesson 221: Daddy has a scratchy face

I just love this picture hahaha. Tyler, Ted and I were waiting at the salon and I tried taking a picture of Ted with Daddy. This is the face Ted made when Ty tried to snuggle up to baby. 
Tyler said, that is okay, we can just take a picture where we are pensively looking at each other.  

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lesson 220: Nothing is safe

Ted learned how to crawl! Nothing is safe. It is like he has all of the sudden realized there are things around him. I used to be able to sit him down with his toys and he had a great time. Now the toys are not enough. He must go for the dog's water dish, the big Xbox power button, any and all cords, the dogs' bones, or the dogs themselves. :) 

Here is a picture of Ted in one of his jumping toys. Great-grandma bought this for him when we visited at Thanksgiving. It stays at my mom's house full time. Three of the toys on this thing sing obnoxious songs... that is a big NO NO in my house! 

Cousin Cooper mailed Ted a box of clothes and toys. Here is Ted next to one of the trucks Coop sent.  
Mom and baby selfie. 
Why girl clothes are so stinking CUTE! I saw this outfit at Target and almost bought it. :( I figured if I did buy it I would probably curse myself to never have a girl. So I just took a picture, sent it to Miranda and told her Quinn needs to shrink. :)  
This awesome hat came in the box of clothes from Cooper. :)  
Ruby was not as big of a fan.  
Ted on a lunch break walk I took with me mom.  

Monday, January 13, 2014

Lesson 219: Getting a picture with 2 dogs and a baby is like herding cats

Here are my attempts to get pictures of Ted and Max and Ruby

Oh well... at least I got some cute pics of just Ted

And here is a picture of Ty and me.  

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lesson 218: Random pics... of Ted of course :)

Spikey hair after a bath
What does the fox say?  
Ted is finally big enough to help me break the door on the dishwasher.  
Smiley baby.  

Lesson 217: Ted the swimmer

Ted started swim lessons :) Contrary to what these pictures look like he actually is not terrified of the water. I think he has fun. 

Tyler came to the first class to watch and take pictures. 

Don't just take a picture, save me daddy! 

Lesson 216: Christmas :)

Ted's first Christmas! It was absolutely exhausting. We had 4 separate Christmas celebrations!!! Oh well, 

I bought Ted his first Christmas ornament from Hallmark. It says "Somebunny new to love, Baby's first Christmas" on it. I also bought a Star Trek ornament for him. It has Captain Kirk fighting a gorn and makes roaring noises hahaha. 

We didn't get professional pictures of Ted with Santa... I say it was probably due to my lack of caring whether we have a million pictures of Ted with Santa. This is the Santa that came to our church Christmas party. 

CHRISTMAS #1: 12/23/13 at our home with Grandma and Grandpa Mann and Aunt Elspeth

Aunt Elspeth bought Ted a cozy coupe :) As you can see in this picture, he is already driving like a pro, one hand on the wheel and resting his arm on the side. We have the perfect house for a little car because we have a huge open room with wood flooring. 

Ruby took a spin in the car too. Our dogs are very patient with us hahaha. 
Here we all are.  

CHRISTMAS #2: 12/23/13 (later that evening) At our home with just the Opfars

We were going to wait until Christmas to open gifts but decided to just open them after my family left. I am glad we did because Christmas morning we had to hit the road. This made it a lot more relaxing. 

CHRISTMAS #3: 12/24/13 At grandma and grandpa Opfar's house with all the aunts and uncles. 

There was a HUGE contrast between the mellow quiet Christmas with my parents and the loud crazy Christmas with Tyler's parents. **phew** 

Here is Ted and cousin Nathan in their matching pajamas. Right after this I tried to get a picture with Ted and all the cousins. He melted down hahaha. Poor Ted. 

Ted at the end of the night. I'm right there with ya Teddy. 

CHRISTMAS #4: 12/25/13 Great-grandma Mann 

As I mentioned before, we drove to my grandma's house on Christmas day. In the last post I mentioned how Spokane's dryness is murder on Ted's skin. Well the moisture of the coast was a miracle for Ted. His skin was as soft as a baby's bum... which is SHOULD be all this time sheesh. 
Great-grandma bought Ted a cute little Santa Teddy :)  
The day after Christmas was beautiful. We all went for a walk along the coast. I have never seen a day at the ocean where there so no wind whatsoever. Plus, since it is the off season, there were no people around. 

This is a fake tree which is supposed to mark the furthest point Lewis and Clark came west. 
Puppies in the sand.  

Since there was no one around, Max got to walk off leash for a long stretch. He has his leash on in this picture but later I took it off and he was so well behaved. He stayed on the path, came when he was called and was so dang happy to be able to just run free. It was awesome. We don't trust Ruby with freedom. She would probably leave and never come back.  
We also took Ted for his first trip to the local bakery that we go to EVERY time we visit the coast. 
Tyler is drinking a soda....  

That night we went to The Lost Roo restaurant. I wanted to get a picture of Ted and great-grandma with the teddy she gave him :) 

Lesson 215: Thanksgiving 2013... the one and only picture I took with my camera...

For Thanksgiving, my mom, Ted and I made the drive to Spokane to visit extended family. It was fun having a vacation but a nightmare traveling with a baby. And I was ambitious and brought my cloth diapers. It was AWFUL! I had fun other than Ted not sleeping at all the entire time we were there. Plus Spokane is so much dryer than where we live so poor Ted's skin was alligator level. :( 

I took a picture with Tyler before we headed out on the morning of Thanksgiving. I like to have a current picture of Tyler with me whenever I go on a trip without him.