Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lesson 77: Better late than never

It just figures that less than a month before I move I find some super useful blogs completely dedicated to Activity Days. For church I am a co-leader for the 8-11 year old Activity Days Girls. Every other week we meet together and play games, learn new skills or make crafts. The other day I was looking for some ideas on the internet and found websites with great ideas like these sock snowmen.

When I move I will be going to a new church building and will therefore get a new church assignment. This may be a lesson for me to stop procrastinating with my church callings...

P.S. Max is super crazy about these sock snowmen. They are everything is loves: part-sock, full of rice, and destroyable. They stare down from our mantle mocking him.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Lesson 76: Tyler and the dogs

Ruby in the morning acting as a scarf for Tyler to wake up to.
Ruby getting ready for bed as a hat for Tyler.

And Max chewing his bone at the end of the bed and having nothing to do with this nonsense

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lesson 75: Late night+Tyler+blogs= ...

Ok so when Tyler and I get a little tired we think some things are funny... when they probably are not.

For example, our wedding was camping/black bear themed and the invites had magnets that went with them... these have been done late at night.

That being said, we ARE moving BUT we are moving to COVINGTON, WA!!! Like I said probably not as funny at 3:40 in the afternoon as it was at 9:30 at night.

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and commented! You are all awesome and just so you know I read your blogs too!

We will post pics later :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lesson 74: How to tell who reads my blog...

Tyler and I bought a house! We are moving in a month. We haven't told anyone outside out families just yet but I am experimenting to see who actually takes the time to read my super awesome fun blog ;)

Also I'm pregnant.... (just kidding)... but we really are moving. Adios Enumclaw! Helloooooo Tennessee....

P.S. Whitney Houston died this past week. I was named after her thanks to my mom. If my dad had had his way I would be Winnifred Mann.... Thank you mom!!!!! My dad does not like popular names or names that end in "y" because he thinks they sound childish.... My mom won the naming battle with the famous lasts words, "Whitney Houston will never be that popular."

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lesson 73: The Best "Most Embarassing Moment" Ever

Jenae reminded me of my most embarrassing moment today and I realized that I have never documented it anywhere...

Last April (2011) I flew down to Utah to visit my friends and have an awesome double bachelorette party for me and Liz who was also engaged. It was a lot of fun and of course I got the typical bachelorette gifts (ie lingerie, naughty book and edible body chocolate).

As I went threw security at the airport for the flight home a worker asked me if the bag they pulled off the conveyor belt was mine. I acknowledged it was and I was asked to step to the side so they could search my bag. At first I thought nothing of this... but then it dawned on me that all my newly acquired newlywed stuff was tucked in there. Not only that but there was also my mini dolphin pillow pet that I had packed to use as a travel pillow (he is going to think I am a freak). My eyes began to burn and I could feel the panic tears forming. The worker saw my tears and probably thought I looked about as guilty as I could get. He tried to console me by saying it would be alright. At this I felt it probably necessary to mention to him that I was flying home from my bachelorette party....(hint, hint)

The worker then proceeded to search the bag and asked me if I had any liquids in there.... No, I said.... He then said the scanners found some sort of jar... He kept searching and once again a wave of embarrassment hit...

The EDIBLE BODY BUTTER! The worker found the jar, held it up, and sure enough it was liquid and it was more than 3oz, therefore not ok for carry-on (dang you terrorists!). He asked if I had someone on the other side of security I could give it to. I had been dropped off so I just told him to take it.

Grabbing my bag for another pass through security the worker walked off and I sat down to hide my face in utter humiliation. A random man even came over to make sure I was ok.

I wonder what the worker thought when he saw a pillow pet, a TON of lingerie, naughty stuff and the infamous body butter.

Although for some people this may not be the epitome of horrifying, I might add that I was also a fairly sheltered Mormon girl and to have a complete stranger go through my very sexed up stuff in a very public setting was mortifying.

It gave me a great story to tell :)

After that I went and bought myself an overpriced book at one of the airport stores; there is nothing like being embarrassed to justify spending money.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lesson 72: Never underestimate the classics :)

I love Tyler. He stopped by my work today with a rose and a teddy bear :) I have been asking him to get me a stuffed animal for like 2 years now (I think he thought a grown woman does not need that for some reason).

Anyway I love cliche Valentine's Day gifts :) I think I might be the easiest person to satisfy on February 14th.

I hope he likes his surprise I left for him at home ;)

Lesson 71: Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Christmas 2010
Christmas at Seaview, WA 2010

No idea when this was taken... sometime early 2011 at my parent's house

First week of marriage in our apt, June 2011

Second week of marriage with our sunburns from the Oregon coast.

Enumclaw Street fair 2011

At Red Robin when Jenae came to visit Aug 2011

October 2011 Coulon
and present day with my crazy Valentine

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lesson 70: I think we need a bigger bed...

Max may be a pill about sharing toys, but he seems to be alright with his new bedmate. The only problem is that they are pretty smushed in there and Ruby is not even full size yet....

Thank you foster mom Tina for the great new bear!!! It took Max all of 15 minutes to break the squeaker but it has been great and the pups love it!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lesson 69: Dog Park

We had a beautiful day so we saddled up the dogs and took them to a great new dog park in Orting. It was a little later in the day which is why I think we had the park to ourselves but of course these two didn't mind.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lesson 68: You know you are out of shape when.... do a 20 minute workout video and your abs are killing you the rest of the week. I'm sorry I let you down Bob Harper :(

Max and Ruby must be wondering what the heck I am doing every morning. One time while trying to hold a plank position Ruby came over and with bone in mouth she climbed onto my back, lied down and proceeded to chew on her bone.

Max takes the opposite approach by army crawling underneath me, rolling over and then pawing my face.

The worst is how every piece of exercise equipment I own quickly becomes a game of tug of war as soon as I pick it up. At this point I give up, pick up a pup and start using them as my weights. Ruby is my lighter weight for greater repetition and Max is my higher weight for more calorie burn and muscle building ;)

(P.S. I didn't make this sign but it wrote the wrong "your")