Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lesson 107: How to throw a BBQ at the Opfars

Tyler finally is part of the BBQ community and I am learning day by day what it means to be married to a socialite. :) It is quite a learning experience since I see myself as a solo, homebody, recluse... extraordinaire.

So here we are, throwing a BBQ and this is how it is done...

First: Make sure to invite people,as the solo, homebody, recluse extraordinaire I left most of this up to TyTy

Second: If the party slows down find new and unique ways to entertain your guests. Miranda is seen here playing a new game we like to call "yard work".

Third: Kids love the more traditional activities...

Third point five: In the presence of guests and food keep your eyes on the dog...
 Fourth: Understand the repercussions of teaching new dog tricks. Max learned how to climb up the slide much to the delight of our company... and to the chagrin of Quinn and her dessert.

 Notice Max devour the food while Quinn calls for HELP!!!
 Max lips his chops

Fifth: Keep a positive attitude. You are doing a great job their Miranda!

Sixth: A short lesson from Coop on how to mount a swing

 Final lesson: Be sure to plan the festivities on a weekend because once your guests leave you will most likely pass out where ever gravity takes you :)

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