Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lesson 50: Necessity is the Mother of Home Made Dog Toys

Poor Maxi is too tough for his own good. He destroys his toys within days and as he gets older he becomes more efficient with his destruction. We are down to a few tennis balls (which require a friend to play with), a rawhide bone (which we are weaning him off of for a bit) and his rubber Kongs (which are only entertaining until the treats inside are all gone). His true love it stuffed animals. Not wanting to leave our loney pup home with nothing to entertain him I came up with this little beauty. It is an empty water bottle inside a little fleece package... with ears :) I will be honest that the concept is not my idea. Tyler and I saw water bottle toys at the store and I figured I could just make something like that instead of paying $15. We had left over fleece from a blanket Tyler made.

Max was whining the entire time I was sewing. He knew this was a special treat for him.

The cracking noise in the video is the water bottle.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lesson 49: It is flippin cold today brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

It feels like there is a lot going on... or possibly I am just not managing my time well enough.

Tyler got a new job! He starts there next week and it is so exciting! He... and I guess since we are married I should say "we" had a hard time making a decision about this job but everything came together and in the end we even get to stay in our apartment for at least the time being.

Monday was Halloween. I dressed Max in his dinosaur costume and we passed candy out at my parent's house. Quinn and Cooper my niece and nephew were a dog and cat. I wore my birthday dog ears the entire day.

Yesterday we went on a double date with another couple we know through church. We went and saw this awesome movie called "In Time". It is the kind of Twilight Zoney movie I would love. After the movie we went to a local small cemetery to see it all lit up for All Saints Say. I was freaking out. I have never been to a cemetery after dark and all I could think of was "They're coming to get you Barbara!" Tyler lost all feeling in his right arm from my death grip which I suppose he brought on himself.