Monday, May 25, 2015

Awesome balloon toys and happy to have daddy home!

Tyler is home! I am so excited because Ted and I went over a week with him gone to England on a business trip. Whew! I have a new found respect for any woman who is trying to do it on her own. It is tough work and they are very strong ladies/mommas! 

Tyler surprised us be showing up on Friday evening instead of Saturday evening which was so awesome and just what I needed to kick off my weekend. 

Ted and I posted the latest "Ted Makes" video. This time we made balloon toys which was so much fun and by far my favorite activity. It was really messy when it came to pouring the rice in the balloons but we were laughing the entire time hahahaha.  

And Ted still plays with his balloons everyday so I would say this is a win and would recommend making these to anyone wanting a cheap fun activity. 

I am also super partial to any toy that is eventually going to get thrown away. It makes for a fun thing to do, but you don't have to worry that your child will outgrow the toy and you don't have to worry about yet another toy crowding up the toy box. I am also always amazed that I spend so much money on toys and yet the things Ted finds most enjoyable are the bubbles, balloons, and cardboard boxes. 

Below is the video "Ted Makes Balloon Toys" Check it out and try it for yourself. I do recommend you use new rubber bands. I pulled out a bag of rubber bands that date back to 1995. I won them in a family Christmas bingo game. They work,but we have to replace them when they snap (as you will see...). 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

It has been so hot here lately. Ted follows in the dogs' footsteps and finds a sunny spot to relax in. I think all three of them are crazy because that must be the hottest place in the house.

I love the sun but it decided to come right when we had new sod put into our front yard. This means watering the grass twice a day so it doesn't die. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I don't garden. I can't keep things alive.... in fact I recently spread ground clear on our back lawn thinking it was fertilizer. (Luckily this was the old weed eaten grass and not our nice new pretty grass). Not only did I do this but I didn't cover the entire yard so now the backyard has a beautiful striped pattern to it. Can't wait to put our house on the market for all to see...

Ted and I have fun making how-to videos on YouTube. It has been such a blast!

It really gives Ted and me incentive to try new things and we always end up laughing. My goal with my videos is to showcase how beneficial it is to find ways to get your kids involved in any activity. Even if it seems like it may be over their heads. Plus I give Ted ownership of his projects. These are his how-to projects and I am just filming. I love it :)

Here is a link to my YouTube page:

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tot School Rice in a Bucket

Lately I have not been keeping up with activities specific to Ted. He has been tagging along for all my home improvement projects. The family is going to be moving at the end of the summer which translates to WORK.

My latest mortal enemy is STAINING THE DECK. Blah! There are so many nooks and crannies on all the rungs that have to be painted. Today was Day 5 of deck staining and I am over it!

Back to Tot School... I saw a post online about putting alphabet letters in a tub of rice and letting the child find the letters and put them on a corresponding piece of paper with the alphabet on it.

I used Ted's alphabet puzzle and threw the pieces into a bucket of rice and had Ted fish them out and put them on the base. It is a super easy and cheap activity that actually turned out really well.  I had visions of Ted just dumping the rice onto the floor but he didn't!

Monday, April 6, 2015

if I fits, I sits

There is a funny cat thing on the internet called if I fits I sits. It shows cats sitting in lots of different boxes and containers. Well life around here is about to change with a potential move in the future. I have been busy cleaning out the house and getting rid of stuff. Ted is hilarious and will sit in anything possible. Here is my compilation of

If I fits, I sits (please note, I do not tell Ted to get in these things he does this all on his own)

cousin visits and updates

My sister and her kids had a mini visit with us this past weekend which was a lot of fun and went by so fast. As you can see the kids are in love with Tyler. What this picture does not show is how super uncomfortable we were. Ted was mad and had  wet diaper and Tyler was barely keeping the kids up. 

Everyone wanted to hold Ted. Like a good baby he put up with it. 

We had a gender reveal party and in my typical fashion I forgot to take any pictures. Ugh. Well we are having a boy and I am so excited! I was hoping for a boy :) here is a picture of max wrapped up in decorations the next day. All pets are awesome, but I think the dog is the most long suffering when it comes to putting up with people hahaha. 

I recently bought a punch card to the bouncy play place. What an insane workout that is! Luckily Tyler came with me the second time we went. Ted is like pushing dead weight up those inflatable ladders. And I'm not trying to make excuses but being pregnant does not help :) 

We bought Ted a sun hat and I made Tyler try on the adult equivalent. :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pug Victory

I had a victory that any dog owner can relate to who owns a dog with a fold on their face. (The wrinkle above their nose). Ruby's fold is very deep and gets infected about once a year. It is pretty gross. I saw it was infected and I started using her fold cleaner and medicine daily. The infection cleared up hooray!!! Normally I end up at the vets office. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Meaningful Monday: "I am a child of God"

I know most kids do this but today Ted asked for a bowl for lambie for breakfast. It was this first time he has ever done this so I thought it was really cute. 

For Meaningful Monday we did a lesson on being a child of God. I printed off a heart puzzle which I will not pretend Ted put together. I mostly did it while Ted attempted to help.

I also had a picture for Ted to color.

He prefers to color with markers.

While he colored I played a Mormon Message video which went along perfectly with the activity. It was a bunch of different people singing "I am a child of God"

Ted colored a crown which he hated. 

And here is the finished picture... lovely.