Friday, April 27, 2012

Lesson 106: Dogs Love Toilet Paper

Happy Friday everyone! I love Fridays and the promise of a few days off work and time with Tyler. This morning our lesson is that for whatever reason dogs love toilet paper. At least, my dogs do. I think Max did not like it until Ruby came along and showed him the error of his ways... There is also the fact that Max will do anything to make sure Ruby does not have a monopoly on the fun.

Just look at this focus from Ruby. Toilet paper is as much of a reward as a dog biscuit.

"I'm gonna get that toilet paper!!!!"
"Why yes I eat toilet paper. It is all part of my charm."
Max and his toilet paper square. Part of a high fiber diet?


 He is not snarling, that is the face he makes while devouring TP.
 I shouldn't poke fun, I am sure I would look silly trying to eat a nonfood substance. 

 And here are some pictures of me and the pups. Why do they look so terrified? I am a little offended. With that attitude, good luck getting anymore toilet paper from me!

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