Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lesson 213: How to overbook your baby

Ted had a super busy weekend. Friday we went to the doctor for his checkup and then to a family party. Saturday we ran errands, had another family party and then went to a church party where we played Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Tyler, Ted, and I sat in the stable while the children stood around and sang a couple songs. It was really cute. The 4 year old children were sheep and then all the older girls were angels and the older boys were shepherds. There was a line in one of the songs that was "picture a little baby Jesus" and each time this line was sung the little girls sitting next to us would pat Ted on the head. It was sweet.

Also Ted met Santa Claus at the end of the church party. When the eating and production was over Santa showed up and we waited in a long line to meet him. I am debating whether I will just count this as Ted's Santa picture. Hmmm. Half of me wants to be lazy and not get professional pictures taken but the other half thinks, well you only have one First Christmas. 

Sunday we had church. Then Ted and I had to drive into work to take care of some stuff. I got all the way there and realized I forgot my keys. We drove back home and then back to work. This totaled about 70 minutes of driving.. bleh... then our family was booked again to play Jesus, Mary and Joseph at a different church party.

This time we just sat in the stable for an hour as a live nativity scene. It was fun. I liked how everyone wanted to come and see the "baby Jesus".  
 Ted actually stayed lying in the manger for the full hour we were there. He is such a good baby. It was a cute experience. My favorite was when a couple little kids came up to say hi and asked if Ted was the real baby Jesus. Children are so cute. I can see why it is important to have the faith of a child.

Monday we finally decorated for Christmas. I decorated the tree and Tyler set out the Christmas village. Ted got his very first ornament. It is a little stuffed bunny that says "baby's first Christmas" and "somebunny new to love"
I also bought him a Star Trek ornament that is not pictured. It is Captain Kirk being attacked by a gorn hahaha. It plays music and makes sound.