Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lesson 94: Like pulling teeth... getting my husband to agree to this

For today's lesson on being a wife and servant to the dogs I would like to welcome Tyler! The man who made all this possible! (being a wife... and he bought me Ruby for Christmas so there you go).

Me: It has been said that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. If I were to draw a road map from your stomach to your heart, what foods would be along the way?

Tyler:  oreos, gold fish, pizza, BBQ chicken salad, steak, venison(spelling)
coke...crystal light packs

Me:  Venison huh?

Tyler:  deer meat

 Me:  I know

Tyler:  it's good

Me:  Alright next question: If you were a tribute in the Hunger Games, what would you run for first in the Cornucopia? Or would you be like Peeta and high tail it out of there?

Tyler:  i would go for something close and then run

me:  just anything close?

Tyler:  yep just so I have something

me:  How very Katniss of you

Tyler: :)

 me:  As a husband and the Dogfather what is your stance on Ruby's exploding pug fur?

Tyler: annoyance

me:  You are a contestant on the Dating Game and your 3 ladies or choice are a hunter, a housewife, or a zebra with a blond wig on. Who would you select and why?

Tyler:  zebra? what the..where are theses question coming from?

me:  please just answer the question sir

Tyler:  I am also working remember the longer it takes me here the longer it takes to get home

Me: I'm here until 5:20 so that is fine. And you took too long to answer the hunter has killed the blond zebra

Tyler:  so hunter then because the rest are dead

me:  poor housewife... never saw it coming. What should the Easter Bunny bring you this year to stay in your good graces?

Tyler:  nothing

me:  Am I to understand you are threatening the Easter bunny to stay away from you in order to stay on your good side?

Tyler:  no, he can bring me blinds

me:  Hopefully the Easter bunny is one of those monster size bunnies and not a dwarf rabbit

Tyler:  hopefully
me: If you instantly turned into a woman for a day, how would you spend that day?

Tyler:  kissing you hahaha

me:  as a girl?

Tyler:  yep

me:  eww

Tyler:  I'm married to you

me:  not if you instantly became a girl

Tyler:  only for a day yes so

me:  Alright moving on...What would you like for dinner tonight?

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