Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lesson 101: Stuck in Hong Kong

Isn't it amazing how when something becomes challenging it is so easy to make everything else a priority.

Example: I can't work out, I have to clean the house... I can't clean the house, I need to walk the dogs... I can't walk the dogs, it is raining... guess I will watch TV until this rain subsides ;)

My poor Simplicity jacket has been sitting in pieces in the sewing room since Easter. I finally got my butt in gear and made an attempt to organize the pieces and take a glance at the instructions. There is a note, even before step one, mentioning this jacket would do well with a Hong Kong finish....
What? Put down the directions and back away slowly. There are two options in this situation. I can
A: ignore this Hong Kong fooey and make the jacket without the fancy seam finish
B: suck it up and broaden my sewing skills

Plus why would I take so much time to make a jacket if I am not going to make it as best I can? Today I have looked through as many tutorials on the Hong Kong finish as I can...

Gigi Sews
Burda Style
Daryl's Blog
Sew Country Chick (this blog looks awesome and you should check it out just for fun anyway)

Wish me luck.....

Here is an example of a Hong Kong seam finish
P.S. The above pug pic comes from one of my all time favorite youtube videos: The Pug Head Tilt


  1. I didn't know what a Hong Kong seam was before I read this and looked at those tutorials. You are a very dedicated seamstress.