Monday, December 26, 2011

Lesson 56: There is Joy in a Peaceful Christmas Weekend

Christmas this year was great. We spent lots of time with family and my favorite parts were the quiet time at home with Tyler, Max and Ruby. Max and Ruby got lots of fun new toys for Christmas. I have videos of them playing with their new toys which I will post later. These pics are the in between times when we were all just lounging around enjoying the day :)
Max and Ruby are even able to calmly lie next to each other.... even if it is only for a moment. These poochies are just like toddlers and they have been learning to share especially with their great new chew bones and stuffed piggy.

Max is not glaring he is actually falling asleep while sitting up. It may not look like it but Ruby was also just about to zonk out at this point.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Lesson 55: A Puppy For Christmas

Tyler surprised me last night with a pug puppy for Christmas! She is from the Seattle Pug Rescue and I think Max has finally met his match! Her name was Indy (as in Independence for her July 4th b-day). We changed it to Ruby! Ruby Kinkeroo.... kink for the kink in her tail and aroo because she hops around like a kangaroo, and of course Ruby for the children's show Max and Ruby :)
They were playing most of the evening but there is one thing that can calm even the craziest of pups.... the smell of cooking omelets :)

Here is a video of her first night at home.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lesson 54: Max's Methods of Tennis Ball Massacre

Alright Maximus Oreo are you ready for some fetch???
Keep your eye on the ball

Open wide

Keep low

Bob and weave

Stretch that long chiweenie body of yoursFocus...

Intimidation is key

Good dog Max :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Lesson 53: Get there by any means necessary!

I have wanted to go to the Pacific Northwest Ballet's Nutcracker for YEARS! For one reason or another each year I don't go. This year I finally bought tickets for Tyler and me to go and I was PUMPED! :)

Tyler and I were scheduled to meet with a lady Saturday morning which was the day we were planning to see the matinee Nutcracker showing. The lady was supposed to show up at 11. Well... AT 11 she called to say she was not going to arrive until 11:30. That was okay we still had time. She did not show up until 12:15.... she did not leave until 1PM! The show was at 2PM... in Seattle! Getting to Seattle is at least an hour commute for us out here in cow town. We rushed out the door. Using Tyler's GPS we watched as the commute time seemed to be increasing while our time until curtain was rapidly diminishing. At one point I think there was 3o min until the ballet and 50min until we even reached Seattle. This is not taking into account horrendous Seattle parking the last weekend before Christmas. After hitting dead stop traffic, Tyler changed the route and we knocked off 15 min from the commute.

When we finally got into Seattle there were Santas EVERYWHERE! Big, small, short, tall... and lots of hoochy Santas too. Cars were slowed to a crawl as Santas not only roamed the streets but took up all the parking spots! Curses Santa! In my frustration I can remember saying something to the extent that the real Santa would not be so RUDE!

At this point the clock showed 2:05 and I was fighting back tears. I had waited so long to see this ballet and paid lots of money and the tickets stated there would be NO LATE SEATING allowed.

Eventually we got a spot in a parking garage and halled butt sprinting to the theater. I tried to imagine I was in an intense action movie where it was life or death that I get to my seat. (You know, those intense movies where they are rushing to not be late to a ballet :) )

Wonder of wonder, miracle or miracles... and a lot of tender mercies from the Lord, we got in! We were about 12 min late into the show but it was still the holiday party scene and the crazy godfather had not shown up.

It was amazing!

The sets and costumes were beautiful. And it was so much fun to see professional dancers. :) And having the live symphony there was incredible. I told Tyler that was one of the more fancy things I have done in my life and I loved it!

I would like to also give a shout out to my wonderful husband Tyler who made this day possible! His driving and "failure is not an option" attitude saved the day! :D

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lesson 52: Gingerbread Houses and You

Tyler and I built a gingerbread house with his family this past weekend. Each couple in the family built their own house. I love working with Tyler :) He is super nice and fun and we worked together on the entire house. My favorite part is Snoopy on top of his little doghouse on the side of the main house. The Skittles on the roof are the lights and Chex made up the shingles. Over on the side of the house is snow covered cookie hill with a sled on top.

Snoopy even has a dog food dish and lights on his house as well. :)

Lesson 51: When in Doubt Ask a Veteran (R.I.P. Bottle Buddy)

The Bottle Buddy served its purpose. Max was able to play with it while I was out and a bit after Tyler got home. After not too long Max ripped open the bottom and tore off the lid. At this point Tyler suggested we retire Bottle Buddy. We told my parents the fate of Max's new toy and they suggested we try tying up old socks. This was their go to toy for dogs dating back to when my dad was little. As you can see above Max loves his new sock toy. AND it has now lasted 6 days! (This is a good thing)

Tyler and Max ready to go for a night jog.

Max was a bit more ready to go than Tyler.

Pretty flowers from Tyler. Max is actually trying to eat them here not sniff them.

" Brr mama I'm cold"

"Much better!"