Tuesday, November 11, 2014

dog park

Last weekend I took Ted and the dogs to the dog park. I always want to go but no one ever will go with me. Now I have Ted to take along everywhere bwa ha ha

He road in the ergo carrier half the time and then I let him walk around. 

In this pic he is petting Ruby. The other pug is Lulu, because pugs find each other and gravitate. We saw three other pugs our entire time there and all three would rush over to Ruby as soon as they saw here. 

For whatever reason, Max gets super droolie when we go to the dog park. It is really gross. He never drools any other time. Way to make a good impression on the other dogs Max...

peg dolls

The pictures are out of order. I decided to paint little peg dolls for Ted for Christmas. Here is what I have so far. 

These are Ted, Tyler and myself. 

This is the random picture of Ted napping. I just thought it was funny. He drove under his lamby pillow and fell asleep.
Here is my mom hahaha 

Here is just another picture of the peg dolls. I think the lion is pretty darn cute. Today I finished some Star Trek peg dolls.