Monday, April 16, 2012

Lesson 100: Girls night out and Ellie Goulding

Miranda and I love radio call in contests :) Combined I think we are up to more than 10 fabulous prizes. This is over the course of many many years. I would not say we are any luckier than other people. We just always call when the DJ commands.

My latest prize was getting to go to Girl's Night Out with Ellie Goulding at Trinity Nightclub. It was a lot of fun and I am glad Miranda and I got to have a fun sister night. We were first in line to get in the club and then we were right in front up against the stage.

After Ellie's performance Bender (the DJ for KISS 106.1) asked if a few people had questions. People were asking kind of lame questions like "How old are you?" "How many miles do you run a week?" so I raised my hand and asked "How do you like Seattle?" Which I realize is not that intense of a question but at least it is a bit more open for a possibly interesting answer. For those wondering she likes Seattle a lot and it was the first place she came to by herself in the United States. She is from the UK.

My only regret of the night was wearing my 6 inch strappy fake leather heels. It seemed like a great idea at the time and they are normally not uncomfortable. What I DIDN'T realize was that I was going to be standing for 3 hours with no rest! So much pain....

Me, Ellie Goulding and Miranda

Notice how I am almost as tall as Miranda... a feat only achievable with 6 inch heels

picture taken by Miranda's smart phone. Pretty darn close aren't we?

Picture taken by the KISS 106.1 people. That is me making a dorky face right in front of the stage ;)

There was a photographer that walked around and took pictures throughout the night.

Bender the radio DJ is the man in the plaid shirt. I am off to the right in the navy blue t-shirt

Ellie Goulding performing

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