Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lesson 117: photo contest request for votes...

Please go to this website and vote for either
Ruby Kinkaroo
of Maximus Oreo

Thanks :)

Lesson 116: Monthly Temple Trip

Tyler and I make a trip up to the Seattle Temple at least once a month. This month I just so happened to have my camera.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lesson 115: Trimming the tree

What was supposed to be just a day of cleaning up branches turned into trimming the out of control tree in the front yard. It was like tweezing eye brow hairs. You just keep seeing one more hair (branch) that could go.
 I am pretty sure this is how a professional gets the job done.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Lesson 114: Dog Park 2.0

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone. Tyler and I kicked off our mini vacation with a trip to the dog park. I love this park. It is HUGE! and really well kept up.

Max chasing his tennis ball.
 Ruby running. Tyler says she looks like a squirrel.
 You can kind of see in this picture Ruby's running method. She is so top heavy her back legs fly up in the air when she runs.
 Meet Duff. He was more than happy to play with Max and Ruby's tennis ball.
 Luckily for Ruby he tired out pretty quickly.
 This is one of my favorite shots of the day. Max the flying chiweenie.

 It was a hot sunny day but off in the distance we could see a storm coming on.
 Ruby the hot tater tot
 Max made friends with a pit bull/mastiff and a Samoyed. The white dog looked so much like a little teddy bear :)
 Max does not mind running with the big dogs. Ruby spent most of this time hanging close to Tyler.
 Can you spot Max?
 There he is cooling off in the shade

There is also a playground. Most, if not all, of these structures were made by girl scouts!

 Max has a future in agility
 Ruby on the other hand is still a little afraid

 Max and Ruby venturing off into some side trails.

 Tyler trying to get Ruby to sit...
 Tyler making Ruby sit. She is not a fan of being told to sit.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lesson 113: When in doubt posts pics of dogs

There has been quite a bit going on including a Petapalooza, Nerf gun war, and date nights... but I did not take pictures... so here are pics of dogs. Enjoy!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lesson 112: The surprisingly short life and times of the hybrid dress

This morning I finished the hybrid dress. This dress is a combination of the bodice from a full skirted dress and a pencil skirt. I will remind you of my original sketch idea I made to show Tyler:  

I think it turned out pretty good. There is a side invisible zipper and a small slit in the back.
Here is The Surprisingly Short Life and Times of the Hybrid Dress: I finished the dress this morning. Put it on. Drove to work. Got great compliments from co-workers. Stood up to better show my handy work. Sat down and RIIIIIIIP. Even people who have not had this happen directly to them know the heart stopping horror that comes from this noise. It is akin to stepping down on your foot wrong and rolling your ankle. This pinpoint instant where the power to go back in time would be kind of helpful. I had a 5 inch rip up the back of my beautiful new dress only 5 minutes into my work day. Luckily my sister lives nearby and delivered one of her dresses for me to borrow.

When I was able to change into a new dress and inspect the damage I found that it was not the seam that busted, but in fact the actual fabric had torn! This may make my booty sound... voluptuous, but the point is that it was not me sewing skills that did the dress in!

That made me feel better for a bit. I am not sure how to repair the tear...

 I really love the lower picture of Max. He just has the skill of timing when it comes to goofy photos.

Last weekend I did yard work in the gorgeous Saturday sun and Ruby discovered she loves to dig in the dirt. You can kind of see her dirt smudged pug mug. This was taken about 5 minutes before bath time.
 Max enjoyed the sun too :)