Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lesson 102: Do you flounce?

It is time to broaden our vocabularies. There was a time when I thought a ruffle is just a ruffle. How naive I was. Today I  have learned my new word: Flounce!

Basically a flounce is just a wide ruffle.

Go and spread forth your knowledge to the world!

The reason for my new found discovery is that production of the bright pink tailored jacket has begun. This morning I attached the flounce (before I even knew what a flounce was).

I am having the hardest time finding out when the flounce orginated. One source states it has been around for centuries...

Another source states that it dates back to the roaring 1920s

Whenever it came about it is still a fun way to girlie up an outfit. I challenge you to notice people today who have added a little pizzaz to their outfit with a flounce. :)

Lauren Conrad (my fashion idol) has a dress with a flounce on top AND on the bottom!
Alexander McQueen with an open shoulder flounce
Vera Wang knows how to flounce her metalic pink dress
(that is skimpy enough to look like a nighty... who says you can't say goodnight while looking gorgeous?)

Michael Kors does a doublefaced flounce

And to show a flounce does not have to be at the bottom of a tiny dress Behnaz Sarafpour flounces up this eyelet top

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  1. To follow up with this post not an hour after I wrote it my coworker walked in with a flounce t-shirt similar to the last picture! It made my day :)