Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lesson 231: Adventures with Ted, being a stay at home mom :)

I absolutely LOVE being a stay at home mom. I guess it is more like a work at home mom since I will be running a home daycare. (Don't even get me started on that subject... ) 

I could not ask for anything greater than being able to stay at home with my baby. Ted is just the cutest cuddliest little baby and in under a month he will be a year old and no longer a "baby" he will be a TODDLER! Ahh. 

Even though we are trying so hard to pinch pennies, I broke down and bought Ted a couple little toys from the Disney Store. He got a Doug and Kevin from the movie Up. As soon as we got home Ted was playing with his little Doug toy and squealing with delight. He has no pants on because I was about to change his diaper. 
We went to Bellevue Square mall which is the richy mall. It is fun looking at fancy baby clothes that I would never buy. There was this one store that was like Swedish or something baby clothes. They had this ridiculously adorable baby hat.  If I was willing to spend $14 on it I totally would have bought it. 
I different store has super adorable Easter outfits and I really wanted to get something for Ted there too... :)  
I mentioned before not to get me started on getting the daycare up and running well here is one reason why... We are putting in a new room and door downstairs, in order to do this we have to compensate for the heat loss. We will do this by adding insulation in the attic. But because we found bird nests and rat poo in the attic we had to take all the insulation out and then we will have to fumigate and replace the insulation. We rented a special huge vacuum to suck out the insulation. We had to buy these huge bags and a trailer to haul this all to the dump. Oh and we have to have a tow hitch put on our van. Nothing is simple. 

Anyway, here is a picture of Tyler about to get down to work up in the attic. 
On a more pleasant note, we had our first family trip to the park. It was fun :)  

Ted recently discovered the joy of pulling toilet paper off the roll. With 3 creatures in the house who are bound and determined to pull toilet paper off the roll, Tyler and I are outnumbered. We do not stand a chance.  
Ted after he just woke up from a nap. Why I love being home with Ted!