Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lesson 109: The nightmare that is trimming pug nails...

Ruby does not like having her nails trimmed. There is not reason for it. I have never hit her quick. Max does just fine getting his nails worked over. Distract him with a bit of bread and he becomes my submissive little batdog.

RUBY on the other hand wants NOTHING to do with me and my torture tool. Tyler and I have tried everything we can think of! Ruby Kinkaroo has even been rejected from the vet for being too crazy.

Trimming Ruby's nails has included:
Tyler holds her and feeds her bread while I trim: FAIL
I put a sweater on her to calm her down: FAIL
We cover her eyes: FAIL...she took the timmers away from me at this point and hid them under her belly as she lay in the corner
Do it while she is sleeping: ONE NAIL TRIMMED
Wear Ruby out on walks and then trim: FAIL
Put her in a bath and trim while she is focusing on being wet: FAIL
Get her used to the clippers being around but don't use them: FAIL

The idea of a sedative has been tossed around but I am not a fan of this method. My pug I had growing up eventually had to take something to calm him down for a nail trim and he was mush the entire day. A dog's life is already short enough. I don't want to waste her days with being a zombie-pug.

She does not mind you touching her paws and playing with her toes. Once she sees those clippers come near her it is GAME ON. She flails her entire body to the point where you worry you will drop her, she will hurt herself or as the vet experienced she was turning BLUE! (How a pug mug turns blue I have no idea but if someone could do it it would be Ruby.) We have a joke that Ruby does not want us to cut her nails because she is a girlie pug and likes her long nails. I am worried we will not be able to get these nails clipped and the quick will start to grow. HELP!

The pictures for the post have nothing to do with anything. They are just pictures I have that I have not yet used :)

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