Friday, March 16, 2012

Lesson 86: Simplicity's Cruel Joke

I spent yesterday morning completing the sleeves for my dress. I got stuck and could not for the life of me figure out what I had done wrong. I literally read each step 5 times before I even started and then read word for word as I am completing the step. Finally I ended up calling Simplicity for HELP!

Now... I LOVE Simplicity patterns... I wanted to preface my next statement with that because I think someone somewhere dropped the ball on this one. I will try to explain this as uncomplicated as possible. When you cut out your pattern there is a key stating dark= pattern side down, white= pattern side up. (simple enough). WELL, what I did not realize, is that the steps to constructions are OPPOSITE. When you are actually sewing your garment dark= pattern side up and white= pattern side down. Luckily this is just a stitching error which can be corrected by a seam ripper.

After dinner I announced to Tyler I AM WORKING ON MY DRESS! Phew, it feels much better to be back on track. Tyler helped me set in the sleeves. If you remember from Lesson 44, Tyler had to help with the sleeves to Max's Halloween costume. Once again he came to the rescue. We even pulled the dinosaur costume back out to try and remember how I did it last time. Ha! I swear, putting in sleeves is like those little puzzles where you have two metal objects linked together and the goal is to figure out how to unlink them.

Here is the bodice with sleeves :) (I am holding the unfinished back together)

My awesome drafting engineer husband (which comes in handy for me quite often!)
Max telling us it is TIME FOR BED!
Me attempting to get a picture with both pups.
Meh... this will have to suffice.

Ruby Kinkeroo

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  1. Looks great so far. I agree about sleeves--they are nearly impossible.