Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lesson 80: A lesson in patience, brought to you by Ruby Kinkaroo

Here is the fabric I picked out for my dress. It is a red and tan sateen and is very soft. I also bought a tan lining fabric. This morning since I did not have to go into work until later I had some time to iron the fabric and the pattern (the iron is not turned on in this picture). There was also a bit of time to pin some of the pattern pieces.

After a while I hopped in the shower to get ready for work. Upon getting out I found that Ruby Destructo had pulled all the toilet paper off the roll. This is her new favorite pass time so I was not too surprised.

What did surprise me came while I was doing my makeup. I heard Ruby in the next room chewing on something (*sigh* We were so spoiled with Max who only chewed on the wall...see Lesson 6)

The sound was the crunch munch of Ruby EATING MY PATTERN!!!! She must have snatched the pattern piece off the back of the chair and gone to town. She literally ate a third of the sleeve pattern. :(

Yeah you missy!

Guilty pug won't even look at her shameful snack.
There is something about a pug face that is always a cross between guilt and remorse.

Don't worry Ruby I forgive you....

But next time you may find yourself wishing you hadn't messed with my sewing pattern bwa ha ha ! In other news....

Tyler and I are still playing Rayman. It is getting HARD. Some of the levels take us forever to complete. I think the game even loses faith in us. After so many times of dying over and over the game will pop up a message saying something like, 'Hey this level is pretty hard, do you want to take a break?' Hahaha.

So tired...

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