Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lesson 88: A Lesson in Puppy Parenting

Not that I ever thought parenting was easy, but this week Tyler and I have had a glimpse into the world of the sleepless nights. Since moving into our home we decided it was time the dogs no longer sleep in our bed. The first two nights of Max sleeping in a crate were an absolute nightmare. He has been spoiled his entire one year of life and HATES being confined. Ruby, who usually does well in her crate, got riled up when hearing Max's distress and she too would bark and whine.

Yesterday we came up with the idea of getting them a nice comfy dog bed from Costco. It may be a little big.

This morning I found Tyler sleeping on the bed with the dogs to help them feel more secure. Oh the things we do..... The dogs seem to like their new bed and hopefully this means more sleep!!!

I learned how to make pleats :) (After two books and a Youtube video...). Feeling super motivated I was about to take on the zipper when I realized I had bought the wrong kind... whoops... so here is what I have so far.

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