Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lesson 84: Understitching, Machine Basting and Encyclopedia Britannica

Yesterday I learned understitching and how to machine baste for my dress.

Thank you to youtube. :) Life has certainly become a lot simpler since people started sharing their knowledge via the internet. I was listening to the radio this morning and heard that Encyclopedia Britannica is no longer going to be in print, which is just crazy to think about. I can remember watching the commercials for these books. My older sister even used to say if she had a daughter she was going to name her Britannica... but I digress.... The point is that there is so much more information available to us.

In elementary school, if I had to write a paper on airplanes, I would pull the encyclopedia off the shelf with the letter A and write based on the half page explanation of airplanes. Now a person can google airplanes, watch a video, complete a tutorial and even get a virtual tour of an airplane mock up. Pretty cool huh?

While I do sometimes miss the simplicity of searching through a library to find information, I love learning so many new things right at my fingertips... I will add though that most often I will read about a subject first (like understitching)... then, being completely lost, I watch a video and the light bulb clicks. Ohhhh that is what the book was talking about. (Youtube.... the Heaven-sent tutor for visual learners).

Here are some pictures of the dress in progress...
If you look closely you can see a line of stitching very close to the edge. This is the understitching and it is used to kind of form the neckline and keep the lining in place.

Machine basting is essentially stitching a straight line but with a very long stitch length. This is used for temporary stitches to hold fabric in place (pretty simple). Also you can see the sleeve I am working on.

And the next picture will show the lining of the sleeve that I put darts in this morning in between makeup and hair.

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