Friday, March 9, 2012

Lesson 81: Where do I sign and where's the crate?

We are in the home stretch now! Today we signed all the final paperwork for buying our home. And just to add a little cheese to the situation I took pictures with Tyler and myself holding the folder with copies of all the paperwork and the pen we used to seal out fates. Don't you love the flag design? Very patriotic :)

Afterward I had to head to work where a patient, upon hearing I am a new home buyer, told me the woeful tale of how he lost his house in the recession. He will never buy another house in the state of WA and by the way King county has the WORST taxes! It is a good thing I don't have children (according to him) they are way too expensive. His parting words of wisdom for me were, "Just remember, nothing is permanent except death and taxes."

Wa wa waaaa (Debbie Downer noise) Perhaps he was welling meaning... or just venting, but don't tell me all this right after I have signed my life away! Sheesh!

And now for your viewing pleasure, Ruby tries to find her crate in order to get her biscuit.
(notice at the end Tyler drops the biscuit and Max vaporises it)

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