Friday, March 23, 2012

Lesson 89: In a family we share everything

Who did we buy this bed for anyway? (To be fair, not pictured here, is a nice warm fire right next to him)
Last night I made the probably unwise decision to go full force and finish off my dress. This kept me up until 1:45AM ugh... luckily it's Friday today :) Tyler, my partner in sewing, (or at least figuring out patterns etc) helped so much. First I had to figure out how to attach the invisible zipper foot to my machine. Later he helped my decipher some more pattern hieroglyphics. The dress turned out amazing. I love the material weight and feel. My only complaint is that the zipper sticks! Grr. I took a good 20 minutes after finishing the dress to try and unzip the back. I think I got it taken care of... I hope. Pictures of the dress will be posted later. My next project is the jacket that goes with the dress :) I can't wait. The jacket was featured in one of the fashion shows we saw at the Puyallup Sewing Expo and looked so chic and comfy. 

Now for your viewing pleasure: Puppy Max and His Rope

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