Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lesson 85: Sine, Cosine, Cosine, Sine, 3.14159 Goooooooo Pi Day!!!

(just a little cheer for March 14th. If you need help Dick from "3rd Rock From the Sun" can help you here)

What? You don't know what Pi day is? Well... neither do my parents.

Pi= the amount of times the diameter of a circle can fit around the circumference AKA 3.14 (and on from there)

March 14 = 3-14

Pi Day!

How do you celebrate pi day? EAT PIE!

And where do you get the best pie in Enumclaw? The Pie Goddess!

Last night Tyler and I stopped by The Pie Goddess and picked up a Tollhouse Cookie Pie and a Chocolate Cream pie. We took them over to my parents to surprise them for Pi day. They had no idea what we were talking about. First they were convinced I had made the whole thing up. I told them EVERYONE knows about Pi day. To this my mom replied, oh you are on the internet a lot that is how you heard about it. Ha! Love it. But don't even get me started on when I then tried to tell them about Mole Day on October 23!

I was just kidding before by the way, I am sure you have heard of Pi day too. :) Please excuse me for doubting your knowledge of obscure holidays.

P.S. Ruby strikes again! This morning I could not figure out why the zipper on my winter coat kept splitting open. I finally noticed Ruby had chewed off a section of the zipper near the top. I will probably end up taking my coat to a dry cleaner to have them fix the zipper. It must be very exhausting to be her and having to constantly think of new and surprising things to destroy.

And here is Max. :)

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