Monday, March 19, 2012

Lesson 87: Moving is every bit as stressful as people say... just ask the dogs

This past weekend we finished off our move to the new home!!! Between being uprooted, having to be caged up while people scrambled about and the fact that they are no longer allowed on the bed just about killed off our dogs.

There is a new world order pups and it states that dogs are dogs and don't get to sleep in the bed! (and the fact that they peed on the comforter one too many times did not help their situation).

Max's last night in the apartment... and his last night of sanity!

By the time Sunday came around Ruby was completely exhausted! No matter what position Tyler sat on the floor while setting up the rooms she was able to make some sort of bed out of him. Max was pretty tired too, but I think Ruby was more creative in her solutions to the problem. Max just grumbled and took out his frustration on us.

Finally the dogs found their paradise by the stove on a blanket. This picture was taken moments before they both just crashed. Don't worry I think the dogs will love their new home. There is much more room to run around and they have a yard to go crazy in. :) We are all excited and happy to be in our new home and thanks to our families who helped!

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