Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lesson 78: A Sewing Expo, Cowboy, and Dogs

This past weekend my sisters, mom, Quinn and I had a girl's day at the Puyallup Sewing Expo. It was so much fun! We saw a couple fashion shows, took a class, looked at all the booths and we met Suede from Project Runway! I was super shy so Miranda had to be the brave person to ask if we could get our picture with him. Later in the day we came back to the Simplicity booth that he was working at and checked out the patterns for sale. Quinn was flirting it up with and I got to talk to the rep from New York who gave me some tips on the patterns I bought.
So awesome :)

Tyler came home from Arizona on Sunday. He went down there for his grandma's funeral and came back a cowboy.

He was complete with his late grandpa's boots, shirt and hat. Plus he had bought a large belt buckle to complete the ensemble. You can see the herd of cattle at his feet.

After Ruby finishes her meals she likes to parade around the apartment with her bowl.

Snaggle Teeth

Max's signature begging face.

The End

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