Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lesson 90: It is time for an intervention!

Max has discovered his morning routine. He wakes up from his dog bed and whines until we wake up. If this does not work he will shake over and over rattling the charms on his collar. Once we are up he goes potty and then he gets to eat! After breakfast he and Ruby go back to bed.

This has worked fine until Max started figuring something out. If he wakes up earlier and starts whining he gets his breakfast earlier! First he pushed us to 5AM. The past few days he was sounding the alarm at 4AM. BUT today he pushed me too far! He was up and whining at 2:30AM!!! No way Max! Oh, I took Ruby and Max out but it was right back to bed after that. When he realized that his evil plot had not worked he tried to get me back out of bed with more sighs of despair and collar shaking.

This is why Tyler and I have declared an intervention on the dogs. No more breakfast before 5AM! You are going down dogs! (And by down I mean lay down on your bed and go back to sleep!)

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