Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lesson 92: A new segment I like to call, "Pug Therapy"

How do I feel? I feel like screaming, "WHY?????" Grrr....

According to Patrick Star, "Hero worship is unhealthy". I need help.

The sewing expo I went to a few weeks back not only promised to be an awesome day, but I had really high hopes of meeting my blogging obsession Gertie of Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing. I tried to be realistic about the entire situation. I realized that the expo is a huge event and the odds of my coming across one certain person who was also perusing the stands were very slim. Still I made sure to have my family keep an eye out for her. We never did meet her. But here is the kicker. I later found out from reading her blog that she was at one of the mini fashion shows I attended! She was in the same room as me and I did not even notice her. This may have been because my family sat in the very front row. Oh the agony! So close yet nothing.... She is from New York so I do not foresee this opportunity happening again any time soon.

TODAY I found out that LAUREN CONRAD is coming to Portland for a book signing in 2 weeks!!!! It is on a Wed and an evening event which gives me time to drive down there after work. I was even able to convince Tyler to go with me! (Not that he would have let me go alone). I LOVE Lauren Conrad. I have watched all the seasons of The Hills more times than I can count. I have her fashion book. She is the reason I do cat eye makeup. She is the reason I LOVE my 6 inch heels. I love her style.

After a bit of research I found out that you have to get a bracelet to meet her. These will be given out at 9AM!!! There is no way I can get down there during the day because of work. Once again I come so close to meeting someone completely and supremely awesome and I fall short. I want to cry right now. This has made me completely deflated. Nothing more to say, I will sum up my emotions with an emoticon :(

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