Friday, September 30, 2011

Lesson 41: Sewing Pajama Pants

In only a semi-particular order here is my project of making Tyler some pajama pants that took place over the course of about 3 days...

Oh and I cut my hair...
There will of course be the token picture of Max as well :)
I asked Tyler to take some pictures of me since there were no pictures of the actual making of my wrap around skirt.

Here I am pinning the pattern to the flannel. It is navy blue which does not come across well in these photos.

You can see Max's ear in this photo because he was right there beside me the entire time trying to eat the pins.

He has some strange obsession with my tomato pin cushion.

It is a good thing I found my larger tomato. Previously I was using a smaller pin cushion that Max could actually fit into his mouth... and he did. I had to chase him down and yank it from his doggie death grip.

This is me sewing the front of the pant leg to the back.

This weekend was also General Conference which is an opportunity for everyone to hear/watch messages from church leaders. This is Max and me taking a break from sewing to watch conference.

Here is Tyler in between the conference sessions taking a nap. We watched the speakers via the Internet.

After conference was over it was back to work. Throughout sewing projects there is a lot of ironing. If you read the directions it will say things like "press" the fabric, I believe they say press instead of "iron" to make the project sound more fun.

Aw man, I have to IRON.... no way! Oh wait, I just have to "press" that fabric, well I can do that.

Max has been super possessive of his tennis ball today for whatever reason.

Tyler worked on physics while I sewed and Max guarded his tennis ball.

Ta da! The finished product! Looking good Tyler!

Tyler has approved both of these pics to be on the Internet :)
Max has not approved this picture.

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