Monday, September 19, 2011

Lesson 34: Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Yesterday I came home to this. Max had ripped up all my trust in him and threw it across the floor... also the stuffing from one of the couch pillows. In just about 4 hours Max had figured out how to unzip the pillow cover (without breaking the zipper), tear open the pillow within and scatter the contents across the living room floor.

To quote Miss Hannigan from Annie, "Kill, Kill, Killlllllll!"

Ever attempting to maintain my sanity I grabbed the half empty pillow and proceeded to pluck up every piece of cotton and shove them back in the shredded casing. A bright magenta was the thread already loaded into my sewing machine, perfect :) I sewed shut the gaping hole and zipped the pillow back into its case. The pillow now is missing one of its corners and looks awkwardly overstuffed.

This crazy dog is out to get me... but I will say this for him, he certainly likes to come up with new and fresh ideas every time he terrorizes the apartment.

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