Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lesson 37: Thee lift me and I'll lift thee and we'll ascend together.

Yesterday Tyler, Miranda, the babies and I saw "Dolphin Tale." It is based on the true story of a dolphin that was caught in a crab trap and ended up losing its tail. The dolphin beat the odds and survived. The story continues from there. Winter, the dolphin, even had a prosthetic tale developed just for her. It was amazing! There is a website you can visit to see Winter on a live webcam...

She is so cute. :)

I love inspirational stories of people doing all they can to better life. Plus this is a great family movie with an underlying theme of families being together forever which is cool because that is primarily what we as Latter-Day Saints believe.
It has been a great weekend full of spending time with my husband and my sisters... and Maxi Poo too :)

I have been working more on my skirt/sewing skills today. Sadly I have not even gotten to the actual sewing part yet. There is so much prep work to be done before even pulling out the sewing machine. I had to iron the fabric (see Lesson 35) and iron the pattern itself. There can be NO wrinkles. There is also the step of cutting out the pattern, laying the pieces out on top of the fabric and pinning. This all seems straight-forward enough but it is essential to keep the fabric flat so as not to throw off your eventual cutting. Copying the pattern marks onto the fabric is the step I am currently working on.

Tyler brought home these random sheet metal bits from work a while back. One is circle and the other is square. I asked why and he replied that he had made them at work while training on a new machine. Once again I asked him why he had brought them home. His response was that they are a souvenir... or a paperweight? .... Well today I put his "paper weights" to good use with holding my fabric still and it worked perfectly :)

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