Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lesson 42: A trial run.... well trial bike ride actually

Tyler took my car to work today. His car is fine, just a few minor things to get checked out, but just to be safe he let it have a day off. This left me with the bike for my commute. As we live a mere 2 miles from the office, riding my bike is no grueling task, unless there is a down pour.... like there was today. You might say today was a trial run to see how I would hold out if Tyler and I decided to downgrade to a one car family.

First lesson from the trip: Get one of those splash guard fenders for the back tire. Fortunately today I was able to pull my coat down over my lower back sparing me from an entire day looking like a mud skunk.

Second lesson: Figure out a better way to secure my belongings in the white wire basket fixed to the front of my bike. My little basket was stuffed full with a plastic bag for my lunch, one with my purse inside and a third with my high heel work shoes. Each bump and crack in the sidewalk would send the contents soaring into the air leaving me seconds to reach my hand out and slam them back down into place.

My experience was not without its successes. I made it to work on time which was great and also a relief. Listening to the radio as I get ready in the morning is a daily routine for me. This morning the DJs gave a teaser that they would play a German dog food commercial that was supposedly made with high pitched tones to get your dog's attention and excitement.

Be sure to listen and have your dog nearby!

So I had to stay home just a minute longer and listen for this.... Max did not even react to the commercial, which is surprising since he has dachshund in him I thought he would at least appreciate the language of the fatherland. :)

As mentioned before, despite this setback I was still on time for work. Although, I did walk in to work, unload my coat, helmet and bags only to realize I had left one of the plastic bags hanging on the handlebar of my bike outside. I had placed it there during the process of juggling my luggage, wrapping my bike seat in baggies, and locking the bike in place.

Now here I am at work and dry, my poor baby blue bike is outside and exposed to the elements. The next trial will be riding home at lunch to let Max out and ride back to work... and then back home at the end of the day. *Sigh*

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