Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lesson 33: A Boring Post for a Fun Weekend.

The theme for this weekend was new toys for everyone. Tyler and I had to run some errands and we decided that poor deprived Maximus needed some new toys. He had completely demolished the majority of his play things up to this point. The first night Max spent with his toys he pulled a Mike Tyson and bit the monkey's ear off. The hedgehog's little "press here" label did not stand a chance either.

I bought a book on how to sew. Very exciting..... the first few chapters are dedicated to getting you all reved up to be a seamstress. The author advised creating your own work space which for me equals the dining room table. Also I was supposed to create an inspiration board using cork board and fabric. Here is my make shift inspiration board. Are you feeling inspired yet?

Tyler VOLUNTEERED to take me to Joann Fabrics to pick up some fabric.... I don't have a specitic project in mind just yet so I had no idea what I was looking for. Tyler picked out this print which looked great to me.

Tyler's present to himself was DragonAge I.... or something like that.... I don't know. He knew I was taking this picture of him. That is not what he looks like while he plays video games.... That is probably more the face I make when I watch the game as he plays it. ;)

This is just a picture of how Max looked when I woke up one morning.

Another day while I was home alone I noticed the apartment was quiet... too quiet. I called for Max and when he does not come you can be sure he is up to no good, most likely under the bed hiding out. I found Max like this and shouted, "I can see you Max!" At this Max scurried further in under the bed the solution to which is a nice long broom.

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