Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lesson 32: It's a Wonderful Life

A friend asked me today if there was anything new and exciting in my life. After a brief pause, I shook my head, no. She also claimed to have nothing new and exciting happening in her life either. "I guess we are just two boring people," she added.

My response to this was, "Oh my life is not boring, it is exciting. I just don't think anyone else would think it is exciting." :)

Thirty minutes until my lunch break wahoo :)

My friend Jenae, the very same friend who flew in to visit me a couple weeks ago, is my email buddy at work. She is my only friend who consistently emails every day. Her correspondence is one of my small pleasures in life.

Max has developed this funny new habit or grumbling in the morning. He is only 7 months old. That is a little young to be a grumpy old man. He will grumble, grumble, BARK! grumble, grumble. Yesterday morning I looked at him and he was doing this with his eyes closed. I think he does not like the sound of the sprinklers outside. When I went to pick him up he looked at my, looked away, and grumbled. He is not is any pain... just being a pill I suppose.

Poor Tyler was not feeling well last night which lead to soup for dinner and our going to bed at 8:30PM. I love going to bed early so this was no sacrifice for me. Max on the other hand was running laps on the bed until I pulled him into my arms to calm him down.

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