Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lesson 35: When God Closes a Door He Opens an Internet Window

I am bored....

Luckily there is a website called

Essentially it is photos of people's dogs.... upside down. :)

Speaking of, after Tyler went off to work I was woken up this morning by a strange clicking noise. It was none other that Maximus Destructivus. He had chewed off half of one of Tyler's shirt buttons. I am telling the blog before I have even told Tyler.... so I hope that makes you feel special. I already sewed on a new button so we are good for now....

Tyler laid out his suit pants to be ironed a couple days ago. At this point in the marriage I am not sure if this was a hint for me of a reminder to himself, so I got out my ironing board this morning and went to work on the pants. I'm not sure if Tyler likes having a crease in his pants. Maybe all guys like having a crease, or you are just supposed to have a crease no matter what.... grabbing the first pant leg I made my attempt at ironing a crease. It looked blah and wonky. Midway up the leg the crease shifted to one side. Pulling the second pant leg across the board I decided to iron this one with no crease and decide after which looked better. The no-crease look did not turn out so well either. It was all lumpy and ick. The clock informed me that I was running behind for work so I threw the pants over a chair and called it good. That reminds me... I am really bad at ironing..... I had completely forgot since it had been so long ago that I had ironed clothing.

A point of reference for how bad I am at ironing is this: long ago when I was a teenager I noticed that my mom had layed out a huge pile to be ironed on the dining room table. Being super sweet and amazing I thought I would help her while she was gone and iron all the clothes.

Later that same night I walked into the room and found my mom ironing that very same pile of clothing I had just worked on hours before. "I already ironed those!" ... To this my mom replied, "You did? Are you sure?" ..."Yes," I replied a little hurt by her lack of noticing. I can't really remember what my mom said next, but I do know the bottom line was that the clothes were still so wrinkly they could have been mistaken for having just come out of the dryer.

After heading out to work today I texted Tyler and apologized for not informing him before we got married that I lack ironing skills. I missed that chapter in female 101.

Oh well.... at least there are people out there who are willing to take funny pictures of their dogs for my benefit...

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  1. silly whitney i love you :) thank you for trying to iron my pants :)

    -Your Husband