Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lesson 29: If Invited to Play Mini Golf Be Sure to Bring Your Silly Friends

Whoever invented mini golf is a marketing mastermind. I have never had a fun time at this silly date night activity and yet I continue to return. How my friend Jenae would describe it is that you have to go with fun people and make up fun challenges. Except this is not saying that mini golf is fun but your friends are. Anyway my friends are fun.

These pictures are in no particular order but after mini golf we went to Red Robin and used our free dessert/appetizer card (see Lesson 5). This was not a filling dinner so we headed over to Applebees for half priced appetizers. It is fun being married to an ex-server. He knows all the inside scoop on restaurants... although sometimes I do not want to hear that some of the food I just paid for was microwaved.

Batting cages hooray! Batting cages, unlike mini golf, never cease in their awesomeness! I can remember a daddy-daughter youth group night where the dads and daughters had to answer questions about each other (similar to the Newlywed Game). One question was something about where is you daughter's favorite place in the world? My dad was able to match my answer with "the batting cages"! :)

I'm a bit out of practice (plus I was wearing sandals) so I stuck with slow pitch. Tyler tried his hand at the fastpitch and did pretty well for himself.

No set of pictures is complete without some dwonky pic of Tyler and me.

We had to hit the ball through this cave. One of Jenae's super awesome mini golf enhancing ideas was to stand over the ball as it rolled by.

My camera was taking forever to take a picture but Tyler had his arm shoved all the way in that hole to push his ball through. Ignoring my plea he would not shove his arm back into the hole for my picture.
Part of making up silly rules involves crazy shots that most often send the ball to no man's land. Jenae and Me :)

Some of the different rules were to kick the ball to the hole, hit it backwards through your legs, push it like a hockey puck to the hole, use a nearby rock as the tee, or just throw the ball with your hands.

Tyler demonstrating the proper way to play goofy rules mini golf.

Tyler keeping a safe distance since most of the time we would have no clue which way the ball was going to fly off.

Like I said, the ball had a tendency to wander off.


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