Monday, September 12, 2011

Lesson 31: Sew What???

This past weekend I had the chance to go shopping with my two sisters. We were on a mission to find a wedding dress for my oldest sister Elspeth. It was successful. Elspeth got her dress with shoes to match and she looks great in them! Personally I was on the hunt to find a fun new wallet (the cheaper the better). I had no idea Hello Kitty was so expensive! $12 for a small Velcro billfold. Then I saw a fun book that gave me inspiration. Although I don't remember the name, it was all about how this girl finds things she likes and then she makes them herself. It also included instructions for the reader to do the same. I determined to go home and sew my own wallet. Once again my friend, Google, directed me to several websites with free wallet patterns and instructions. Tyler volunteered his grubby old t-shirt for the material and I found my Saturday night activity. It is just a small credit card sized wallet with an elastic strap closure. I love it :)

Yesterday Tyler handed me his camouflage jumpsuit and put in a request to have me use the material to sew a t-shirt for him. After verifying that he did in fact want a t-shirt made from this rough material I spent the greater portion of my afternoon drawing up a pattern I had copied from a sewing blog. I ended the evening with completely deconstructing the jumpsuit and calling it a night. I have my work cut out for me... literally.

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