Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lesson 39: Happy 7 month birthday Max

In honor of Max being 7 months old I put a ticker on the blog showing how old he is.

Jenae told me there is a timeline of blogging that most people abide by.... children do not blog, teenagers blog about boring teen stuff (hahaha), then young single adults blog about being single, newlyweds blog about being married, then about sewing, then about babies, or if they don't have a baby yet they blog about their dog. :)

So here is what Max can do and what he likes now that he is 7 months old:
He is walking all by himself.
He manages to almost sleep through the night and not pee on the bed.
His favorite toy is his new hedgehog that makes this noise that sounds like an evil chipmunk laugh.
He is eating solid food.
He can say grr, bark, grumble, and whine
Ducks scare him.

We are just so proud of our little man...dog.

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