Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lesson 152: New Years with the Opfars

The traditional winter trip to Seaview :) This year we went for New Years since it worked better with everyone's schedules. It was so great to just relax and get away. My grandma lives in Seaview and this is one of the two times a year we get to visit her. There were no kids this time, just dogs. Although, as you have probably gathered from my previous posts, dogs seem to be almost as big of pills as children can be.
On one of the days we drove to Cannon Beach and looked around at all the shops. I loved that so many people had their dogs to walk around the town. I didn't buy anything that day but Max got a new toy he picked out of the pet store.

This picture is from the trip down. We stopped at Dairy Queen in a small town along the way. We each got an Orange Julius. I commented that mine tasted like straight orange juice. Tyler pointed out that he watched them make our drinks and they seem to have left out the key ingredient of ice.... oh well.

 This is the house we spent a lot of down time at. There is a family that lets us stay here during the winter as it is their summer home. Pictured if my dad, Max and you can see Benny's head in the corner.

Ruby discovered she likes to walk around on the coffee table. 
 Tyler and the pups
 Serious Tyler and the pups
 Ruby also discovered that she loves to sleep on puzzles. Putting together puzzles was our relaxation activity of choice. We did this puzzle in an evening so I decided to buy another puzzle in town. The next puzzle was crazy hard and was made even harder by Ruby stealing pieces and eating them. In the end the puzzle was missing one piece completely and had to mushy wet pieces.

 Max snuggling on the couch.
 Me and Tyler :)

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