Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lesson 156: If you give a pill a pill...

Ruby and Max had another nail trim vet appointment on Friday. Fail :( The vet assistant claimed Max was biting and had to be muzzled and Ruby was still not sedated enough!

Their doctor and I had a conversation about the options from this point. It was either increase sedative for both (Max was currently not on anything) or try desensitizing them to nail trims through positive reinforcement. I chose the latter. The vet emailed me a video of a dog that clearly has nothing on Ruby. First of all, there is no treat in the world that will distract Ruby enough to let you touch nail trimmers to her paw. But I am going to give it a try. I am will also be taking the dogs by the vet every now and then and just giving them a special treat so they don't always think vet= bad.

On another note I have been finally decorating the two spare rooms in our house! No longer will they just be holding shelters for things we don't know what to do with. The smaller room will be my sewing room and the larger is going to be baby's room. Tyler has claim over the entire downstairs which was dubbed the man cave when we moved in so don't think he does not have a space of his own. ;)

I still can't figure out why my blog has randomly stopped letting me post pictures from the computer so here is a link to a new pattern I bought last night.

Babies christening sets Sewing Pattern 2457 Simplicity

I am really excited! I also bought fabric but no notions since I don't know until TOMORROW what I am having. :):):)


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