Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lesson 157: How to spread the news

Tyler and I had our ultrasound this morning to find out what baby is and the result.....

A bouncing baby boy!
Tyler and I wanted to think of clever ways to tell people. Since the clinic we went to is across the street from the hospital my mom and sister work at we went straight there from the appointment. We stopped by the gift shop and bought a couple little blue bears that says "it's a boy" on them. Tyler picked out this metal scroll holder thing. Originally it is intended to hold the birth certificate. We put the rolled up ultrasound pictures in the tube and then had people guess what the baby is. After they guessed, we let them open the scroll holder.

Next stop was to visit Tyler's mom. It just so happened that Tyler's sister was also visiting at the same time we arrived. It was very convenient.

I called my dad and Miranda. Tyler called his dad. We could have been clever with them too but I think we just wanted to get the word out instead of making people have to wait until the end of the work day.

I bought these cupcake to bring into work for my coworkers. :)

It is so exciting to know what we are having and it was really cool to see what the baby looks like. He was moving his arms around while the tech was trying to get pictures. I love the profile picture of baby with his little nose.


  1. yay for baby boys! we're a little partial to girls around here... but I guess boys are good too :) and pretty much just texted everyone (so everyone was told at once). we are not cute and clever...

  2. When we found out we were having a baby I sent out a mass ecard hahaha. My family had to ask if I was serious. Everyone was a bit more anxious/excited to find out the gender which is why I put a little more thought into the reveal.