Monday, January 14, 2013

Lesson 158: Baby clothes and my sewing room

Ted has his first outfit thanks for his Aunt Elspeth. It is really cute and restores my faith that there can be cute clothes for little boys. My mom and I made a shopping trip to Nordstrom this past weekend. About 3/4 of the baby section was adorable little girl clothes. Then there was a rack of boys' polos and sweatpants... it was kind of depressing.
My sewing room is coming together. :) No picture is complete without Ruby in it. You can see she is still a little tired as this was taken early in the morning.
The blue and red are the two shelves and mirror that I painted. My wall mounts are on their way in the mail which is why everything is propped against the wall.

Random things: the pug picture on the floor was a gift from Elspeth I LOVE it!, she also gave me the weener dog candy dish. (it is important to represent both dogs hahaha), the framed signature is from Lauren Conrad and the framed pug was a birthday card from Miranda.

In the above picture the white material is scraps of fabric from my latest project, not tissue which Ruby is notorious for collecting.
Also this past weekend I started Teddy's blessing outfit. :) I have more than what is pictured completed. I just love how the mock vest looks.

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  1. a friend of mine who had the cutest dressed little boys said the trick is to buy clothes in adult styles in baby sizes. I'm sure he'll be cute no matter what he wears :)