Friday, January 4, 2013

Lesson 155: The Taming of the Ru

I completely forgot to post how we were finally able to trim Ruby's nails. By "we" I mean the kind vet assistant girls at Country Animal Hospital. I finally caved and inquired about using a sedative to calm Ruby before her nail appointment. The instructions I received with the pills was half a tablet 1 hour prior. This was done. The appointment came around and Ruby was as crazy as ever. They took her into the back while I waited out front with Max (who is a much better patient). I could hear the cries from Ruby echoing through the halls of the office and my heart was breaking and of course I teared up :(  (I am an emotional person and being prego does NOT help). They were not able to get a single nail trimmed, so we rescheduled. This time I gave her a full pill 2 1/2 hours prior.

About 30 minutes before the appt Ruby was running like a mad woman around the house. Ugh. I almost called the vet to cancel but decided to just give it a try anyway. It took a 3 mile car ride to the vet and Ruby went ZONK (that is the sound of pug energy level toppling from 1,000 to 10). She still squirmed (because nothing on the planet can completely knock out Ruby Kinkaroo) but there were no pug squeals and everyone survived. :)

(for some reason blogger is not letting me post pictures right now)

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