Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lesson 151: Christmas break with the Opfars

Tyler and I are in the midst of Christmas/New Years break :) It has been great having so much time to do stuff around the house and spend time with my honey. Tyler looks super excited in this picture.

While pregnant you have one job. Don't kill the baby. There are a lot of things to avoid, things to incorporate and things to deal with so I decided to get my hair done.... seemingly the only self-inflicted body change acceptable right now. This is right after I got the Ombre style done to my hair at the mall. I have wanted to get it for a while and I am really excited :). This was on a particularly frumpy feeling day so I was glad for the upgrade. Tyler is awesome and went to the mall with me. Afterwards we stopped by Applebees to say hi to his old work buddies.
This made me laugh. Applbees has a contest where if you go online and fill out a survey you could win $1500. I  feel bad for Canadians who have to complete a skills test before winning.
Max the chicken dog 
One of my big winter break projects is a cardboard playhouse. I have no idea why I am making it. It is pretty awesome. So far I have painted the interior and exterior, put in carpeting and tiles, and there is a little couch I made with fleece covered foam. This is an early on picture I took while painting the inside. It is a sea foam green (this picture makes is look gross). Ruby is looking in the window at me.  


  1. Evidently on any contest it has stuff like that for 8*2+4-6=, something basic like that...according to my native Canadian husband....I didn't know that.

  2. Haha that is awesome. I thought I was just misunderstanding what the receipt meant.