Monday, January 21, 2013

Lesson 161:How to feel like you got a lot done while simultaneously feel like you wasted the weekend

This weekend, like pretty much every weekend, my plans were to clean house. While I did not clean (other than laundry) I did get some stuff accomplished. First off I literally chopped down (part of) a cherry tree! We had a monster tree in our front yard and I began work getting rid of the large branches that hang over the road.
I also am almost completely done with the blessing romper. It just needs buttons on the back.
The dogs and I also took a trip to Joann Fabrics and bought some cute baby teddy bear fabric.  
 Ruby has been especially ornery this weekend so she now has to wear a color and hopefully this will stop the constant barking at me when I go to let her out. The tipping point was the other morning when Tyler let her out and she did not make a peep. This has confirmed there is something special about me that makes her particularly obnoxious.

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