Friday, January 18, 2013

Lesson 160: Trying out new baby gear... on the dogs

Yesterday was a big sale at the local children's consignment shop. I arrived 15 minutes after the store opened and the parking lot was already jam packed! My one goal was to pick up some baby carriers. This would have been a great opportunity to stock up on clothes but I had to get to work... and get out of the madhouse. I ended up with a small front carrier and a larger back carrier (one of those framed hiking kid carriers). I also grabbed a monkey leash that was the same my nephew Cooper used and much as a kid can love a leash.

I could not resist trying out the new gear... on my poor dogs. I apologize for the cliche camera phone self picture but Tyler was not around to capture this amazing moment.
When Tyler did get home I showed him the carriers... and somehow Max got trapped into wearing the monkey leash. Just long enough to take a humiliating picture and then he was free.

My sister reminded me that I bought these items for the baby not the dog. My response to that was our dogs ARE our babies :) She then pointed out there is going to be quite a bit of jealousy come babytime. Yes... I can see that happening.
Ruby randomly attacks couch cushions. She was even able to pull the cushion completely off the couch.

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