Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Updates For the Puppy and Husband

Max threw a temper tantrum at obedience class last night. He had absolutely no interest in learning "down." I was so grateful to have Tyler there to help wrangle the crazy gladiator. After class we discussed possibly using a "power steering" collar for Maximus. It is the scary collar with spiky things on it. The trainer said it may be a good idea since Max has been pulling so much on his leash and making himself sick. This is a picture of Max in his shiny new accessory (only worn under supervision of course).
Max is not too big a fan of the collar just yet... If you are wondering why Tyler seems to be sleeping a lot in these pictures it is mostly because I take the pics super early in the morning before I go to work. Tyler is very patient with me. :)

Why helloooooo

Here is an updated picture of Tyler's nail. Nasty! Half of it is not even connected and can be peeled back. As you can see the hole has grown up to the top of the nail.

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